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Reflective Aqua Lip Gloss

Reflective Aqua Lip Gloss

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Seeking a lip gloss that stands out from the crowd? Explore our Reflective Aqua Lip Gloss. This exceptional lip enhancer is enriched with nourishing vitamin E and mineral oils, working harmoniously to enhance lip hydration and deliver a lustrous, well-moisturized allure. Craft the ultimate sultry, voluminous pout that remains impeccable throughout the day. What's more, our lip gloss boasts an enduring waterproof formula, ensuring your makeup remains flawless as you dive into your daily endeavors. Say goodbye to makeup concerns and indulge in confident, radiant beauty.

Type: Lip Gloss
Shelf Life: 3 years
Usage: Apply directly on the lip
Effect: Waterproof, Long-lasting Moisturizer, & Lip plumper

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