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Ice Cube Matrix

Ice Cube Matrix

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Experience the future of refreshment with our Cutting-Edge Ice Matrix! Say hello to a new era of icy indulgence as this innovative ice mold elevates the chilling factor of your beverages. Discover a whopping 17 compartments, each crafting perfectly sized ice orbs resembling hockey pucks that keep your drinks sublimely chilled for extended periods. Crafted from robust, long-lasting plastic, this mold ensures effortless filling, removal, and maintenance.

Our Ice Matrix boasts a sleek, slender form that effortlessly accompanies you wherever you roam. Whether it's a lively house gathering, a cozy home bar setup, a chic restaurant soirée, or a relaxing beach escapade, our Ice Matrix is the secret ingredient for upping your libation game. Elevate your cocktails, iced coffee, tea infusion, vibrant fruit elixirs, and zesty punches to a realm of pure excellence.


Product Size: 24 * 12 * 5cm/9.4*4.7*1.97in
Product Packaging: Boxed
Product Material: ABS + TPR
BPA Free

Package Includes:
1 X Ice Cube Mold

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